Events By Kristin


Pippa E

Lafayette, CA

Comments:  I was planning a wedding in northern California from both Alaska and Louisiana (we moved in the middle of the wedding planning).  Kristin was an excellent wedding coordination.  She always responded quickly to my questions and was willing to meet with us when my husband and I planned to meet with her in person.  I was very dependent on her contacts in the area, and I was thrilled with all of the vendor choices I made.  Kristin is a professional with a very calming attitude that I appreciated.  Most importantly, Kristin was very respectful of our ideas and requests.  She helped make our wedding exactly what WE wanted.  And we had a blast.

Beverly T

Vacaville, CA

Comments:  My daughter gave me 3 weeks to plan her dream wedding.  I asked potential planners, can this be done?  Kristin called and said anything can be done.  My 1st daughter was married 2 years ago in my backyard.  I did the food, tables, everything.  When I say everything, that's where Kristin comes into play.  I wanted to enjoy my 2nd daughter's wedding and I did.  Kristin's recommendations were outstanding.  I was able with little or no fuss (believe it or not) to enjoy being the mother of the bride.  It was not up to me to keep things going as planned, it was Kristin's and she kept reminding me that all the way along.  Oh, that's right, we had 3 weeks to pull it off.  Wait till you see the pictures.